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Air heaters-Recuperators

Air heaters-Recuperators

Product Overview:

Heat exchangers - High-efficiency air heaters-recuperators with 390 kW capacity


Standard heat exchangers are made of aluminium lamellas that are mechanically expanded to a copper pipe. Tubular panels of galvanized or aluminium sheet metal and a collector made of seamless steel or copper pipes are also included in the changer assembly. The heat exchangers produced in this way are used as heating or cooling units for air conditioning, heating and cooling, as well as in other areas where high efficiency of the heat is necessary. Our exchangers are manufactured according to the request of the customer who, with the help of the selection program, is in accordance with our production possibilities, so that the product obtained fulfills the project requirements.



- Top air heater - working medium hot water, boiling water, mixture of water / glycol
- Air cooler - cold water, water / glycol mixture 
- Steam heater - water vapor operating fluid 
- Direct evaporator - air cooling using freon 
- Condensers-for freon condensation



- Aluminium

- Hydrophilic Aluminum

- Hydrophobic aluminum



- Copper

- Ø10, Ø12

- Wall thickness 0.35 mm - 0.5mm



- Steel

- Copper

- Wide spectrum of precision



- Galvanized sheet

- Aluminium


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